Five Tips to Save Money While Driving Cross-Country

You’ve got the car packed, your music set, and you’re ready for adventure. Of course, when it comes to any cross-country trip, money is going to be a factor, too. Before you hit the road, consider these five cash-saving tips and get the most out of your experience.

Moving truck

Use Discounts

When you enter a new state, check out the first rest area you come across. Usually you can find racks of coupons and information about hotels, restaurants, and activities throughout the state. It also helps to sign up for Groupon and LivingSocial for the areas you’ll be traveling through for good deals. Both are simple to use and the savings are worth it.

Avoid ATM Fees

Instead of withdrawing the bare minimum you’ll immediately need, take out larger amounts of cash to avoid multiple ATM fees. It’s also smart to use your credit and debit cards to get rewards or points, which can go towards more travel.

Don’t Speed

As tempting as it may be, don’t speed. Clever cops and sneaky speed limit signs aside, gas consumption increases the faster you drive.

Pack Snacks

Pack a cooler of your favorite beverages and a bag of tasty snacks to keep you and your wallet satisfied as you take on the highways. FYI, it’s fun to create your own trail mix and kale chips. Want more ideas? Check out Five DIY Healthy Travel Snacks.

Plan Ahead

This one’s a no-brainer, because planning ahead always makes long trips easier. For example, you can pay the more expensive rate for festival tickets upon arrival, or you can save on ticket prices by ordering them online days in advance.

And, as a bonus: look for free attractions wherever you’re going. These may include free classes in the park, museum access, or crafty children’s activities.

What money-saving tips do you have when it comes to lengthy travel adventures? Leave a comment below.

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