Five Ways to Be a Tourist in Your Own City

Discovering a city you’ve never been to makes for a mind-opening experience, but did you know there could be much to discover right in your hometown? Staying in the city you live in doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doomed to boredom. Here are five tips to see your own backyard from a fresh perspective. No fanny pack required.


Attend an event

Festivals, concerts, farmers’ markets, oh my! When you’re away, do you find yourself more open to checking out another city’s events? For many people, hometown happenings are typically taken for granted, but that doesn’t have to be. If you’re looking to shake up your life, be sure to check out your town’s online calendar of events or its Facebook page. You might be surprised at what you’ll learn or who you’ll meet in a new environment.

Join a historic tour

So you know the ins and outs of your city, and can name all the topnotch spots, but how much of your home’s history do you actually know? Yes, those hop-on, hop-off buses are meant for tourists, but it doesn’t hurt to get on board to fill in the knowledge gaps you might have when it comes to your town’s backstory. Then you can show off when the real tourists arrive.

Take pictures

That well known statue at your city’s center, the views from the beach, the wall bursting with artsy graffiti, perhaps the sports stadium downtown. If you’re looking to snap out of your everyday hometown habits, you can’t forget to take cheesy snapshots in front of all the touristy spots!

Eat at new restaurants and shop at different stores

You know that place you’ve passed before that caught your attention but you haven’t gotten around to actually getting there? Step back from your norm and make time for it. You won’t be disappointed, or maybe you will be, but at least you’ll know what it has to offer.

Root for a local sports team

There’s nothing like being surrounded by sports enthusiasts, especially when it comes to those cheering for your local team. Hit up the stadium or chill out at a local sports bar to watch the game. You’ll definitely catch the spirit of your city with a passionate crowd.

Do you have any tips for exploring your hometown like a tourist? Leave a comment below.

Happy staycationing!

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