Five Ways to Pass Time on a Long Flight

Excited for your next trip outside the country but dreading the long, sleepless flight of sitting upright as the child behind you throws a tantrum? Plug in your headphones and enjoy the ride — here are five ways to pass the time as you jet towards your next destination.


Write a detailed review on your in-flight meal

Are those mashed potatoes real? I don’t know but they sure are tasty. Take some topnotch photos of your meat and have your readers guess what kind it is. Or maybe you hit the jackpot and had a five-star meal. Tell us about it, food connoisseur!

Enjoy a responsible airplane drinking game

Someone starts snoring? Take two sips of beer. The captain has something to say? Take a swig. If there’s turbulence, order tequila.

Catch up on movies

Because how can this not make the list? Lengthy flights are the best opportunity to catch-up on must-see movies. And think about it — if you watch two two-hour movies, that’s four hours down.

Learn phrases in a new language

You might have wanted to learn the basics of a new language but never had the time. Here’s your chance! If you’re flying to a different continent, it’s likely the local language is different than your own, so bust out your trusty language book and practice the flight away.

Play games

Hello crossword puzzles and Sudoko, entertain me! Games can make a fantastic distraction from a boring flight. If you’d like something more interactive, bring a portable, handheld video gaming system such as a Nintendo DS. Those plants in Harvest Moon won’t water themselves!

Before you know it, your plane’s wheels will touch down on the runway and you’ll be making memories to last a lifetime.

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