Create it: Sweet Love Notes in a Jar

Got somebody who makes your heart leap and dance and twirl about like everything’s going to be perfect forever? Instead of just telling them, use your pretty hands and selfless mind to craft something meaningful for your sweetie. Writing out short, thoughtful love notes in a self-decorated jar is a lovely, personalized gift sure to make both hearts flutter.

That’s my idea for Valentine’s Day. I’m big on hand-crafting shared, cherished memories whenever I get the chance. I spent my yesterday in the craft store, Michael’s, browsing the aisles, coming up with too many ideas than I could handle. One idea I’ve been wanting to bring to life is to get a jar or bottle and fill it up with words of adoration. Luckily I have myself a gem of a man, so I got to work on my project for our fourth Valentine’s Day together.

27 Reasons

I picked up a mason jar, some brown string, labels for the front and back of the jar, blank circle-shaped stickers, a cut-out of the letter “T”, a bag of mini Reeses peanut butter cups, and some Hershey’s Kisses. I chose the letter “T” because that’s my boyfriend’s first initial, and I tied it around the jar with the string. On one label I wrote out “27 Reasons I Love Tim.” I chose 27 because that’s his favorite number, and it was the number on his jersey when he played hockey. On the back of the jar, I attached a label that said “Buried in Kisses.”

Buried in Kisses

I took 27 of my circular blank stickers and wrote out reasons why I love and appreciate Tim on each one. The stickers were about the same size as the base of a peanut butter cup, so they fit perfectly on the bottoms of the chocolates. After I came up with 27, I plopped them in the jar, and then dumped in a bunch of Kisses.

I think this is a thoughtful, creative way to show someone you care about them. In my mind, it beats going to the local drug store, snatching up an overpriced heart-shaped box of mediocre, mass-produced chocolates like a drone, and doing so just because you feel like you have to. Creating something personal from the heart is loads of fun, and giving your lovebug a super special work of art just for him/her and no one else is such a great feeling.

Feel free to steal my idea and spread the love.



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