Nine Tips on Packing for Vacation


The holidays are coming up and vacation time is upon us.  If you’re traveling, it goes without saying that you probably have to pack a suitcase.  It doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re going — planning and being prepared starts with what you pack. No matter if you’re leaving for a week or a month, it’s important to remember the following tips.

– When choosing your clothes, pick multi-purpose items that can be used more than once.

– Plan to dress in layers because you never know what you will need.  The weather can change like the flip of a coin.

– Roll your clothes rather than fold them.  They are least likely to wrinkle, crinkle or other annoying “inkles.”

– Bring toiletries but keep them to a minimum.  Take small, multi-purpose items.  If you run out, you can usually replace these items at relatively inexpensive prices.  Also, you will often find complementary toiletries in your hotel room.

– Leave room for gifts and be sure to make them small.  Your friends and family will love you for an exotic present, and its a good way to share your story.

– Bring a small and simple first aid kit.  These are easy to find.  You can get them at your local drug store, but as I’m into green living,  I prefer to make my own with what I get at organic health food stores.  I feel it’s always best to go as natural as you can, so I prefer to pack things like witch hazel extract, lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel, etc.  Don’t forget the practical things such as Band-aids, rubbing alcohol, scissors, and tweezers.

– Accessorize but leave the bling at home.  A little jewel here and there is fine but when you wear something that has a lot of rhinestones or real stones, they can snag on your clothes and otherwise annoy you.  Pack things like a scarf (multi-purpose and classy), elastic bracelets (can be really nice hair ties), and a necklace.

– Keep a Swiss army knife with several functions in your suitcase.  You will find that this comes in handy so many times.  For example, If you have a spork on yours, you can eat out a little easier.  And a corkscrew may be essential.

– Put everything (clothes, jewelry, toiletries, etc.) in ziplock bags.  Mark the bags to record what’s in them.  For example, I usually have one bag for panties, one bag for bras, one bag for socks, and several bags with t-shirts, dresses, and blouses.  I even put my shoes in Ziploc bags.  Then you can rifle through your suitcase to find a specific item without messing everything up.  If you do this, your clothes will stay fresh, pressed, and it will keep anything nasty from crawling in there.  You will still have to wash everything after your trip is over, but life will be much easier with this piece of advice.

Being an avid traveler is fun, but it isn’t easy —  especially when it comes to wrangling suitcases.  That’s why you’ll want to pack light and smart.  Happy packing, and keep everything light!

This is a guest post by The Oracle.

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