Three Awesome Things About Raleigh, North Carolina

At the end of May my boyfriend and I packed up my little Honda and took a road trip down to Raleigh, North Carolina for an extended weekend. Here are three fantastic things I loved most about this small city with a big urban vibe.

The Food


There are plenty of great food options in downtown Raleigh, and I wished I had more time and money and room in my stomach to try more restaurants than we did. Though Raleigh is small, it packs a big city punch, and with the warm, breezy weather, most restaurants had outdoor seating. There were all kinds of cuisines, too: Mexican, Italian, Thai, Chinese, and more, all within walking distance. My boyfriend, Tim, and I stopped at an absolutely delicious restaurant, bu•ku, smack-dab in the middle of downtown Raleigh. This place served global street food, which pretty much consisted of a dish from every different nation in the world. The waitstaff was cheery and attentive, and we had an excellent time, from appetizers to dessert (and the drinks in between!).

The Cleanliness


Aside for some construction here and there (hey, it’s a booming city!), Raleigh is spotless. It’s welcoming and there was never a moment I felt unsafe. There was no garbage thrown on the sidewalks, no strange smells coming from the sewers, the people were friendly, and I had no issues trying to find a place to park. Everything had a clean-cut and modern look to it — including the buildings, the sidewalks, and the trees.

The Museums

This image isn’t mine. I found it on

First thing’s first: the museums are free. Totally not what I’m used to! And they’re packed with information — you could spend a day walking from one to the other and really enjoy yourself while learning a thing or two. We checked out the Museum of History, where we learned about war, some pirates, and I even milked a fake cow! Then we walked across the street to the Museum of Natural Sciences, which I completely adored — I was intrigued by the huge whale skeletons and a number of other critters. Unfortunately we got to this museum about 15 minutes before closing time, so Tim had to drag me out.

Also, I can’t forget about this bonus. This fun-looking beer trolley was driving around the streets. The same one kept crossing paths with us. I think it was a sign.


I know one thing’s for certain: we’ll be back soon!

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