Eight Quick Tips to Staying Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is incredible. Many times, it leaves you speechless but then turns you into a story-teller. Of course, being on the go all the time can be stressful and can affect your well-being. Here are eight ways to keep you healthily exploring and feeling fine.

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Traveling through different time zones and carrying luggage here and there can be harsh on your body. Make sure you get enough Zs. Listen to your body when it’s ready to peace out for a bit.


It’s smart to carry a bottle of water with you at all times, especially if you’re traveling through a hot climate. Drink enough water. You might have to stop for bathroom breaks, yes, but your body will be happy, alive, and kickin’.


Hand sanitizer will likely come in handy during your adventure, especially if you’ve just laid your hands on some germ-infested hot-spot, such as a door handle or an ATM machine. Squirt and rub.

Pace yourself

As beyond exciting as it might be, you can’t properly see an entire new city in one day. You’ll be missing out! Space things out if you can and take it slow. Really get in sync with your new surroundings. It helps to create an itinerary of sorts to make sure you see what you’re most interested in.


Dedicate at least 5-10 minutes every morning to stretch before you start your day of exploration. Stretch your arms, legs, shoulders, neck, and back. A little bit of self care can go a long way in feeling refreshed.


If the metro station is a mile away and you aren’t in a rush, take a stroll to there instead. You’ll get in some exercise and will see sights you would have missed otherwise.

Have an exercise routine

If your hotel has an exercise center, you have no excuses! You might as well use it in the mornings or as your day winds down. Even 15 minutes of exercise will get you feeling pumped and flooded with feel-good endorphins. Keep a routine in mind and stick to it — even if it’s two times a week.

Watch your alcohol consumption

It’s not the best idea to get disgustingly trashed while in a new place, or probably anywhere. Of course, it’s nice to order up a drink or two while on vacation. Moderation is key. PS: If you drink too much you’ll be adding calories to your diet and will be disrupting your sleep cycle.

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