10 Ways to Stay Creative

Creativity opens the mind and allows us to think in new ways. By definition, it’s the ability to produce original ideas, or to make something new or imaginative. While creativity may come to some more naturally than others, it’s a learned skill that should be nurtured and developed. From embracing your quirks to taking on new experiences, below are 10 ways you can become more creative. After all, the more you exercise this skill, the more your imagination will shine.

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Take on new experiences

Leaving your safe haven and launching yourself into new territory will certainly get the wheels in your head spinning. Seeing new sights and experiencing mind-opening adventures will bring about fresh thoughts and different ideas.

Embrace your quirkiness

You’re the only you who will ever walk this planet. Be true to your spirit — speak your mind and express your personality, because there’s nothing else like it. The odds of you existing were slim, but here you are.

Be a risk-taker

Bring it on, world (even in small steps)! This doesn’t have to mean jumping out of planes or tightrope walking from one building to the next, but it sure shows confidence and turns heads. For most of us, success doesn’t fall into our laps — we have to pursue it, and there’s nothing like standing out from the crowd while inspiring others. If you’d like to make it big doing something creative for a living, odds are, you’re going to have to push and sacrifice for it (and have fun doing it, too).

Make lists of all your ideas (the good, the bad, and the silly)

Ever have so many thoughts at once? Writing a list of your ideas, no matter how simple or far-out they may seem, is a good way to remember what you’re planning while keeping yourself organized and committed.

Keep a list of people you admire

Though we’re all shaped differently in this wonderful life, there’s no doubt about it that there are others who have had similar ideas, or have inspired us and grabbed our attention and made us think, “I’d like to get there, too.” Whether that person is an author, a traveler, an athlete, scientist, or musician, taking note from a successful person is sure to motivate and get you thinking.

Surround yourself with thinkers

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people will keep your mind active, and having others to bounce ideas and thoughts off of is always exciting.

Ask for feedback

We all see things differently, so asking for feedback on a project you’ve set to work on is always helpful. Feedback from family or friends will open your mind to the thoughts of others, no matter if that means restarting from square one or confidently trekking on with your original idea.

Read, listen to music, and watch movies

Especially if you’re in need of motivation — open that mystical novel, crank up the classic rock, or watch that new adventure flick that got mixed reviews. Let yourself be absorbed in these different places of what were once just ideas, and relate them to your own unfinished creations. There’s nothing wrong with picking up someone else’s brilliance and putting your own unique twist to it (as long as you give them credit). It’s called inspiration.

Visit museums and galleries

Artwork is interpreted differently by each individual. You may find some works of art truly intriguing, and they’ll help you think up your own ideas. Other pieces may not even phase you, but you wouldn’t have known that unless you’ve experienced them, too. You’re exploring your own tastes when studying the works of another.


Different places, different ways of life, different cultures and traditions. These experiences are not only eye-opening, but refreshing. There’s nothing quite like physically putting yourself out there while feeling vulnerable. Traveling to foreign places can awaken thoughts that you didn’t know you were capable of thinking about. It’s an exercise for the brain every way you look at it — for you and those you inspire.

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